BMW Studio Brand Introduction

Since its founding, BMW Studio has been discovering trends in the fashion industry, especially high fashion. It mixes the dynamic excellent design of BMW with the fashionable urban style of outfits, expressing a brand-new lifestyle of BMW with diverse characteristics. BMW Studio always pursues the balance between innovation and quality and promotes sustainable fashion along any axis, thus building diversified outfits and stylish life for city elites.

In the concept of “Virtual Destinations “, BMW Studio 2023 Spring/Summer will launch with five thematic collections including “Neon Drive, China Bright, Blue Reflection, X - CAPSULE - Explore the Cosmos, and Driving on Cobblestones” to perform a journey of light and temperature. With VR technology, a fantasy virtual exploration journey will be unfolded. From the gorgeous city lights, to the dreamy seaside, to the psychedelic shuttle experience of the universe, the final destination is set in the cobblestone streets of a small town in Europe, leading the Bimmer to shuttle between illusion and reality, cross the invisible barrier brought by geography. BMW Studio invites you to embark on a journey of style exploration, exploring your true self and the most comfortable “Virtual Destinations”.

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